29 August 2013

How Social Media Can Help You to Find A Job – The Best Way

With today’s social media networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google + at an all time user high, there prove to be many great benefits from that provide job seekers with a wide range or job search resources.

In addition to the typical requirements that potential employers need like a cover letter, resume and work related references, the use of social media sites now allow more detailed incite for a business to research their newest possible team member. Not stopping there, soon to be employers can also connect with their current and prospective job seekers for specific company related updates and openings.

8 July 2013

How To Make Money From Low Traffic Blog

It is very easy to make money from blog that received thousand of visitors on daily basis there are lots of money making program to choose, you can go for Affiliate marketing, CPM ad unit, CPC unit and offering a service. With Instant of time their account is filled with thousand of dollars. So the conclusion is blog traffic is quiet essential to participate in online money making program, if you don't have traffic on blog then obviously who would click on your Ad or purchase a thing. That' why large traffic blogs are very much satisfied with their monthly earning but on the other side there are low traffic blogs which struggles a lot to cash out their first 100$ cheque so the question is How do you make money from low traffic blog? Here below we are sharing some methods and tricks that you can used to make quick money from your low traffic blog.

6 July 2013

4 Proven Ways to Increase Email/Feedburner Subscriber

Email / Feedburner / RSS subscriber plays an important role to drive traffic to your blog and these visitors generally called returning visitors. They are loyal visitors of your blog and reaches to your blog on regular basis that's why BuySellAd accept those blogs into its program which have higher number of email subscriber. Beside it, great readership shows about your blog popularity which attract tons of advertiser towards your blog. So let me introduce some proven tips to increase your subscriber rate.

4 July 2013

How To Find High Quality Dofollow Blogs Easily

Today it is very important to find a high PR dofollow blogs and get high quality backlinks from them because it is ethical way to get instant traffic and quality backlinks for blog. The more quality backlinks your blog have better is the chance to improve your Search Engine Result Page (SERP), which ultimately drive organic traffic to your blog. That's why more and more articles present on different blogs about dofollow blogs list which contain numerous dofollow blogs which you can easily select to comment and get quality backlinks.

1 July 2013

6 Reasons Why Google Adsense Sucks

We know that Adsense is only the shining stars among lots of advertising companies and none of them can beat it. It secures their Advertiser by applying large program policies to publisher which makes its sign up process very difficult.
According to some people it is much easier to take $10,000 loan from bank than to get an fully approved Adsense account. Lots of people are working hard on blog, website etc. to see an active Adsense account but only few are succeeded in their path. So what's the problem? Adsense is best as we know that but I don't like it because of the following reasons.

29 June 2013

How To Insert Table In Blog Using Microsoft Word

Different types of table
Adding table into blog post is good way to organize data in tabular form. It is always a good practice to add table in blog post wherever necessary because the readers are much comfortable in reading article that uses table. Currently Blogger team doesn't provide any option in post editor to add table in article directly.
Previously we write about to add table in blog post using HTML but now we are using some easy way to do this. Sometime you may have need to add table in blog post but due to nonavailability of such option in Blogger post editor, you used custom HTML tables. As we know that many bloggers are not familiar with HTML technologies, that’s why they find problem in making tables for their article.

27 June 2013

Check blog Backlinks With Google Analytics Tool

The nature and quality of backlink is most important thing that search engine often used to anticipate blog rank. It helps in determining the rank of website. Google, Alexa and Dmoz uses such factor to calculate blog ranking so more backlink you have, better is the chance to improve blog listing in SERP. Though knowing the type and nature of backlinks is good practice and you can filter out cheap and low quality backlinks in favour of high quality. So this tutorial is about to check blog backlink in Google Analytics.
Backlink analysis is invaluable for the performance of your website or blog. The important data you can gather from backlink analysis tool is the nature and quality of broken internal links that generally found on blog when any page is being deleted from blog.

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