8 February 2012

How to Add Blogroll to Blogger Blog

Before going through this article it is necessary to understand what is Blogroll ? A Blogroll is a list of other sites display on your site's sidebar that you think your reader will like. In other words, with the help of this you can show off your interesting websites to the readers. Even Blogger can't ignore its importance due to this Blogger provide an official Blogroll widget. Blogroll can be set up based on blogger's choice and it can be updated any time. So lets learn how we can add this widget to the Blog.

How to Add Blogroll to Blog :-

  1. Login to Blogger Dashboard.
  2. Go to Design / Page elements.
  3. Hit Add a gadget button in the sidebar.

  1. Now customize the option on your need.
  2. And click Add a blog to your list.
  1.  Finally save the template and see the result.
Blogroll are great traffic driving tools. There is a great possibility that reader will reach to your site with Blogroll. And Blogs with many incoming or outgoing  links generate high page rank in Google or Technorati which can bring high traffic to your Blog. So it is always advisable to add Blogroll to Blog for readers and for your benefit too.

I give my best to explain this article if anyone find any difficulty in doing this then comments are always open for that or if you like the above article then don't forget to subscribe it for latest updates.

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  3. Thanks.
    Is it possible to make certain themes in the blogroll? Or must for that goal more widgets be added?

  4. sorry as Dutch my english is not very good

    assume I will make a blogroll, but will separate some themes from other themes, so f.e. sport and religion I want not near another but clearly separated, is that possible in one blogroll or do I have to make more blogrolls each with an special theme?

    1. You have to add more blogrolls, one for each theme you want. I did the same and it's much easier for me to enter blogs i like, and for my readers to find exactly what they want!

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  9. is there any template that including blogroll already?

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