23 January 2012

How to Customize Blogger Comment Form

One of the major drawback of Blogger is very much related to its template. The official Blogger template have not creative appearance as in Wordpress. So by going through this tutorial you can make your template to look more professional by modifying its comment form. Generally most of the people find difficulty in customising the odd look of Blogger comment form due to this their comment form doesn’t attract visitors by its appearance. So today I am going to explain you how you can customise the odd look of your Blogger comment form using CSS.

22 January 2012

Cool Google Search Bar for Blogger

Google Search Bar for Blogger
You can easily see this cool widget in Google homepage. It uses CSS to increase its appearance and jQuery to include X mark. When you type any text into the search field an X mark appears in the right side of the search field that can be clicked to remove the entire text.This fantastic code is written by Syung Hong who is the owner of divology.com. I download the entire code and make some changes to ready it for Blogger. so lets start to add this widget on the Blog.

21 January 2012

Make First Letter Of Post Large In Blogger

Most of the magazines and newspapers uses this popular effect by increasing the size of the first letter of the Paragraph.Also you can see it in many blogs and websites.Most of the people also called it drop cap or newspaper effect. It provides an attractive look to your reader about the content. If you want to apply it on your Blog then you have to edit Blogger Template and add a small CSS code inside it then every first letter of post will automatically increase .You can even change the color,font and size of the first letter.So lets start to add this widget on the Blog.

19 January 2012

List Of All Blog directories

Submitting your Blog to Blog directories is best practice to get a traffic on the new Blog.There are plenty of Blog directories that allows free submission. If you have a Blog and you have worked hard in creating good content then it is a time to submit it to Blog directories due to this I am sharing a complete list of Blog Directories. 

All Blog Directories:-


17 January 2012

Share is Sexy widget for Blogger in Wordpress Style

You often see a Share is Sexy widget in Post footer of many Wordpress Blog. It has a very cool appearance and helps to look your blog more professional. When I came across this widget it is compatible with  wordpress only but I download this Widget and change its compatibility from Wordpress to Blogger. We used CSS to improve its appearance or JavaScript. Now lets start to add this on the Blog.

How To Improve Appearance of Blogger Blog-

How To Add Share Is Sexy Widget To Blogger

  1. In Blogger Account Go to Design /  Edit HTML.
  2. Backup the template, it is very necessary.
  3. Click "Expand Widget Templates".

15 January 2012

How to Add Modify Feedburner Recent Post Widget

As we know Feedburner always helped bloggers and web designers with their variety of services like Email subscription, Rss reader, Recent comment, Recent Posts and so on. You must have seen a Recent Post widget on the either sidebar. This widget helps to increase the Blog traffic by reducing the bounce rate. You can easily add Recent Post widget to Blog by two methods one by using JavaScipt and other using Feedburner. Most of the user preferred feedburner because there is a lots of advantage in using it as it provides an professional look to the Blog or takes a very little time to load. So lets start to add this widget to Blog.

14 January 2012

Enable Threaded Comments For Blogger

Blogger has recently announced threaded commenting feature to all official BlogSpot templates. Now your reader can easily differentiate whether someone is making a general comment or responding to some other comment or feel more freedom to post a fresh comment or to reply a existing comment. It makes your comment form very attractive and provide an attractive look to your Blog.

12 January 2012

Sexy Drop Down Menu For Blogger Blog

This widget is simple, cool with a fantastic appearance and the advantage of this widget are it doesn't contain any jQuery or JavaScript like language.  It loaded very fast as it contain no images.  This amazing drop down menu is created by Catalin Rosu. I am sharing a modified version which will work perfectly with Blogger. It is really a cool widget which will give an creative and professional look to your Blog. I make its installation easy to every user so seat back smoothly and see the changes.

8 January 2012

Optimize Images and Increase Blog Traffic

This article will explain you how you can optimize images before uploading it to Internet. Generally we don't optimize images before uploading it to Internet or Blog as needed. Optimizing images should be done when talk about the SEO (Search Engine Optimization). When we download images, they mostly saved with very odd names and we don't take any interest in modifying the name. So you should always consider two things when uploading images to Internet these are proper use of alt tag and  image name should be change with proper keyword. Let me explain..

7 January 2012

Mashable Sharing Widget For Blogger

The Name of Mashable comes in Top 10 Blogs. It is always a source of Inspiration for the Beginner user. I came across a Widget created by inspiredmagz and named it as Mashable Social Bar. We download this widget and change its compatibility from Wordpress to Blogger so that Blogger user can also use this widget. This widget contains Facebook Fan Page, Google+ Page, twitter follow button and E-mail subscription box. I make its installation easier to every user by this tutorial. So lets start to add this widget to the Blog.

How to Add Mashable Sharing Widget:-

3 January 2012

Very Sexy Share Button Below Every Post

This widget is very popular today, you can see this widget just below the post title of many Blogs. It includes popular social networking buttons like Twitter, Facebook like, Google +1 and StumbleUpon. You can easily customize background color  and overall look of the widget. It has a great importance in boosting your Blog traffic.So lets start to add this gorgeous share button to the Blog.

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