5 February 2013

Google Page Rank Updates 4 February 2013

At this present moment we are very exited because the Google gave our old page rank that was dropped to zero when we change our sub domain to custom domain. In morning, when I opened my browser the page rank extension on my browser gave a sign of 2 page rank then immediately next thought I have got in my mind to share this something about page rank to readers.

Changing the blog page rank to 2 or 3 are not a very hard task you have to just build some quality  incoming backlinks for your blog, you can do it either commenting on dofollow blogs which have high page rank or by submitting a guest post on blogs that are similar to your blog niche so by following any of the above techniques you can easily achieve as maximum page rank as you want.

Page rank is nothing but a algorithm proposed by Larry page which make Google to different from other search engines like Yahoo, Bing etc. If a blog have a page rank of 6 then robot will crawl the pages of blog several times in a minute therefore there will be chances to have organic traffic on that blog but the blog which has 2 or 3 page rank, pages of this blog will  

How To Increase Blog Page Rank

It is a myth that number of incoming backlinks will increase the blog page rank whereas only dofollow backlinks from high PR blogs are responsible to improve your blog page rank. A backlinks from a high pr blog (say 6 or 7) could change your blog page rank up to 4. There are some of the quick techniques that can improve your blog page rank fast.
  • Submit guest post on high pr blogs (PR > 4).
  • Participate on online form and be active on some of them.
  • The content on your blog should be high quality with some images and videos.
We had shared a complete article which could help you to improve your blog page rank or Alexa rank.

Blog, which has good Alexa rank or Page rank attract lots of advertiser and brands so think about both of these rank to improve if you actually want to attract advertisers and brands towards your blog.

So start making quality backlinks for your blogs and you will see an increment in your page rank on its next update.


  1. Thank you for this update, i just notice that i rank my website from 0 PR to 1 PR. That's a 1 month old after launching my website :)

    1. Congrats friend
      it's really good to get 1 PR for 1 months old blog.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Thanks for sharing..

    My blog PR increased from 0 to PR 2 in just three months. :D

    -- topspot-official.blogspot.com --

    1. I like your blog, it have very good content.

  4. My blog is just a month old. I understand updates are done by google every 3 -4 months. I hope to have an increased page rank. Thanks

  5. hey it is very helpful in increasing the pr

  6. Thanks for the list. Share some more if you have........

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  8. i had 0 pagerank last month but yesterday when i checked pagerank it was 1..:)

  9. True that. I did a whole course on digital medium when i went for online degree ,and it helped me understand the various mysteries which the online world possess.


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