Best 5 Tips to Choose a Good YouTube Channel Name

YouTube, The most visited website all around the internet after Googe and Facebook. The popularity of youtube is increasing day by day as the Internet reaches toward the people, Also youtube is the easy and free way to entertain people or to give knowledge to the people and also now you can earn money with youtube.

Here, is am going to tell you the most common and best tips regarding the choosing of a youtube channel name, as people attracted so much towards youtube, everyone wants to be a YouTuber. But there are some facts which leads you to the top and Channel name is one of those facts. A Good YouTube Channel Name can grab views and subscribers also, So, read below points to start your YouTube journey.

Here is a Pro Tip, I want to share with all of you whenever am going to start something new I research about that thing so that I start good and take that thing slowly and steady to a next level.

Best 5 Tips to Choose a Good YouTube Channel Name

Creative Name

A Creative name is indeed for a YouTube Channel, Make sure that it can be unique as well as short. So, that people remind your channel’s name. Also, make sure that it should relate to your content. So, before choosing a creative name make sure you focus on your content and categories.

Try Short Name

A short name is a good idea because the name you choose is easy to remind and as well as easy to refer someone. but if you can’t find a creative short name then you may go with the keyword, For example, if you’re content is about fitness. you can combine that short word and your keyword. for example Funky Fitness, All Fitness Tricks, Fitness Freak and lots more.

Define your purpose

Defining your content is the prior thing you have to do, You name should be the one by which people will automatically get the purpose. You can also make an Intro video for this point.

Try NOT to Copy other’s Name

There are lots of people who think that if we choose a popular YouTuber’s name then we may get views and subscribers, But trust me this is not going to happen. You have to focus on yourself rather than promoting someone. Remeber that one thing treats your Channel’s name as a brand and a brand’s name is always original.

 Write it Down

When I was choosing my domain name for this website, A write a lot of names a finally I got AllBloggingTricks because it has my keyword, It defines the purpose and also it is easy to remember.

This also makes you think more and also you got a bunch of names, Try this method it works for me and I hope it works for you too.

So, above are some of the points which may able you to choose a good YouTube Channel name, instead of all this if you have some points than leave it at the comment section.

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